AMCOMM Talkgroup list  (The listed talkgroup is the suggested talkgroup.  You can make it any TG you would like) Keep checking back as we continue to add and make changes to the list.
Talkgroups from the DMRX Network are not bridged with Brandmeister.
Talkgroup Name Area Source INFO about TG
3127  Minnesota North America MNDMR/K4USD Minnesota State Wide Calling TG (Removed from Brandmeister by Corey Dean)
1127 MNDMR Minnesota MNDMR  
3155 WI State North America ChicagoLand Wisconsin State Wide Calling (Removed from Brandmeister by Corey Dean)
31555 WI DMR North America CLAND Linked to TGIF and may still be linked to BM. 
3117 IL State North America ChicagoLand Illinois State Wide Calling (Removed from Brandmeister by Corey Dean)
3113 GA State MorthAmerica HamDigital  
31990 HANDIHAMS Global MNDMR *HANDIHAM* echolink bridge (Removed from Brandmeister by Corey Dean)
1008 ARERT Global MNDMR *ARERT* echolink conf (Weather related nets)
1 WorldWide   DMR-MARC  
3 North America   DMR-MARC  
13 World Wide English   DMR-MARC  
33 North America English   DMR-MARC  
113 WW English UA113   DMR-MARC UA English 1
123 WW English UA123   DMR-MARC UA English 2
133 USA   DMR-MARC  
143 WW English - UK   DMR-MARC  
153 WW English - S. Pacific   DMR-MARC  
3169 Midwest Region   DMR-MARC  
3172 Northeast North America DMR-MARC  
3173 Mid Atlantic Region   DMR-MARC  
3174 Southeast Region   DMR-MARC  
3175 South Plains Region   DMR-MARC  
3176 Southwest Region   DMR-MARC  
3177 Mountain Region   DMR-MARC  
1285 America-RagChew North America C4FM  
31656 America Link North America C4FM  
31665 TGIF Main Global TGIF  
101 TAC 101 Global TGIF  
102 TAC 102 Global TGIF  
103 TAC 103 Global TGIF  
104 TAC 104 Global TGIF  
105 TAC 105 Globall TGIF  
314255 Mudducks Global TGIF  
707 Rural Minnesota North America TGIF  
147435 Talk Tech and Trivia   TGIF  
3933 Black Sheep Lounge   TGIF  
122 Fun House Chat   TGIF Coming Soon
31163 Gaming Central   TGIF Coming Soon
845 Ham And Tech   TGIF Coming Soon
2021 Free Speech Radio   TGIF  
326 DoDropIn Radio Network Global TGIF  
42069 LID Net   TGIF  
31337 Hax0rNet   TGIF  
31679 Blind Hams Group   TGIF  
31273 NorthStar North America C4FM Bridge from
  SELINK   C4FM Bridge from
3100 Bridge   DMRX  
3106 CA State North America DMRX  
  Comm 1 North America DMRX  
  Comm 2 North America DMRX  
3125 MASS State North America DMRX  
3126 MI State North America DMRX  
3133 NH State North America DMRX  
3139 Ohio State North America DMRX  
310997 Parrot   DMRX  
3142 Penn State North america DMRX  
901 TAC 1   DMRX  
902 TAC 2   DMRX  
903 TAC 3   DMRX  
310 TAC 310   DMRX  
311 TAC 311   DMRX  
312 TAC 312   DMRX  
313 TAC 313   DMRX  
314 TAC 314   DMRX  
315 TAC 315   DMRX  
316 TAC 316   DMRX  
317 TAC 317   DMRX  
318 TAC 318   DMRX  
319 TAC 319   DMRX  
3147 TN State North America DMRX  
3153 WA State North America DMRX  
3127022 HC AUXCOMM Local TGIF  
1335 CA-420 Network   C4FM Canadian Ragchew
31171 Illinois-Link   C4FM  
31059 Ozark   C4FM Bridged to FreeDMR

If you would like to link a repeater, please contact N0VZC.  Contact info in on

If you would like a talkgroup bridged to your cbridge or network, Please contact N0VZC or the source owner.